Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications

Lead Guest Editor: 

Guest Editors: 

Selected papers among accepted ones in ICAA2018 (see web page) will be considered for publication in the Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications(NFAA) Special issue on ICAA 2018 through the journal review process.

Authors of selected papers will receive invitation to submit a manuscript for this special issue.

II. Aim and Scope:

 This special issue are inclusion the following topics:

Nonlinear functional analysis and applications, Differential equations and integral equations, KKM theory, Nonlinear ergodic theory, Game theory, Control theory, The iterative methods for finding the approximate solutions for mathematical equations, Fixed point theory and applications, Variational inequality problems and applications, Equilibrium problems, Optimization problems, Split feasibility problems, Operator equations and inclusion problems, Amenability of semigroup, Convergence of iterative approximations.

III. Submission

Authors should follow the normal procedure of Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications (NFAA) for the preparation as well as the submission of their work but they have to clearly mention during the submission that the manuscript is for the Special Issue on ICAA 2018 by selecting Article type accordingly.

Authors can submit their paper via website of the journal or one of the Guest editors:

Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Applications or

Please make the NFAA-style file (La- tex-file like attachment sample file)

IV. Deadline for submission:  March 1, 2019

V. Publication date: June 1, 2019 

VI. Artical processing Charge (APC):

The corresponding author of the accepted paper have to pay the APC. The processing charge is charged for the cost of managing the journal NFAA website, printing cost, and air-mail postage of the reprints and copy of NFAA.

NFAA is Indexed in SCOPUS:,

When  your paper is accepted for publication in NFAA:

1. You have to pay the processing Charge, 150:00 USD$. 2. If you have no fund, then you have to pay the processing Charge, 100:00 USD$.3. If your article is less than 10 page,  then you have to pay the processing Charge, 100:00 USD$.

4. The APC is the 50 % discount of the regular charge.

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